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Fun long gown dress New Sewing Notions I like this colorful pin cushion because it reminds me of my visit to the shop in Kyoto that sells handmade sewing needles. The shop was just magical and this reminds of their fine craftsmanship, something I like to keep in mind while working. I am always on the look out for new swimwear manufacturer tools to help me get my job done better, faster and easier. I previously detailed the notions used most in my workroom in my book and on my resources page. Since then I have added a few new tools to the mix! "Pizza costume manufacturer wheel" I discovered this one on Claire's blog and Melissa wrote about it as well. I had wanted to purchase one and when I spotted it at Odakaya in Tokyo last month, I snapped it right up. This tool allows me to easily measure around curves, a great time saver when I need to make pattern adjustments. I love that it measures in metric units my preference for pattern work. Claire's blog post has information on how to buy this one. For those who like to work in imperial measurements, the EZ Measuring Wheel is available here. Clover Desk Needle Threader I learned about this gem at the last Susan Khalje couture class. This needle threader works every time, even through the tiny eyes of the Japanese needles that I love to use. I have three of these in various locations between the studio and my home so I am never without one! Pilot FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen Katy Laney introduced me to this pen by in November while I was shopping at Grey's Fabric. First of all, I love an erasable pen, but the best feature is that the markings disappear with the heat of an iron. I have successfully used this marker on all sorts of fabrics and the point is nice and fine for precise markings. Pentel Tri Eraser and Tombow MONO Zero Eraser I always start bra pattern drafting by hand and there are all sorts of little pieces and tiny lines. When I need to erase a mark, I need to be careful and that is where these tiny erasers come in handy. Olfa 18mm Rotary Cutter Even though cutting with shears is more precise, I still love rotary cutting. This size is perfect for cutting small pieces and tight curves. It handles like a pencil so I have more control when cutting. Japanese Pin Cushion A gadget girl at heart, I am always on the lookout for new notions! What are your favorites? Disclosure: I used affiliate links for the above notions so if you click through and decide to purchase, I will be compensated.

5 August, 20175 August, 2017 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Bra halloween costumes outlet Care and Maintenance Let the bras (separated by color, of course) soak for approximately 30 minutes to allow the soap and water to work their cleaning magic.Rinse the soap from the bras in lukewarm water. To gently extract the excess water from a bra without squeezing it, lay the bra inside a towel and gently press down on the towel. Then lay the bra on a towel to dry. This soak-and-press technique is actually quite easy and does not require much active time at all. If you want lingerie manufacturer china your bras to perform at their best and last as long as possible, you need to wash your bra after wearing it once, or maximally twice. Think about it: the bra is worn directly against your body so it collects body oils and skin cells. Elastic, a key component of the bra band and straps, does not respond well to either substance. When these materials get into the elastic its ability to stretch and contract is decreased. It takes a proper wash to remove these substances so the elastic can go back to doing its job. If you wear your bras twice before washing, you need to give the bra a day off in between wearings. The elastic needs time to recover and go back to a neutral position. So how do you wash a bra? Let's start with underwear manufacturer china what you do not do: do not put your bra in the washing machine. I know you want to because it is so easy. Do not do it! Remember there are wires encased under each bra cup. Those wires do important support work in your bra. They need to keep their shape and stay right where they are. In the washer (yes even in the delicate cycle), the water pressure and the pressure of clothing around the bra (even in the lingerie bag) could cause the wire to twist and lose its shape. Think about your other clothes too. Those bra hooks can catch on whatever else you have in the washer or the lingerie bag (even if you fasten them before you put them in the wash). What about the dryer, you ask? I'll be blunt: the dryer will ruin the elastic. I don't care what temperature you use. Elastic is key to the bra's function, and, as outlined above, elastic needs to be cared for properly. All of this means one thing: hand washing and air-drying are key to cleaning the bra. To wash a bra, use lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Gentle is the operative word. I like Eucalan since they sell handy travel packets. If you follow these care instructions, a high quality bra that is worn twice a week will last between six and nine months. Regardless of care, there will come a time when a wash will not be able to resurrect the bra's elastic and that is when the bra's useful life is over.

5 August, 20175 August, 2017 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

How corsets wholesale to Make Detachable Bra Straps – Part 2 Now you can finish sewing your bra as usual. When you want to add straps just hook them into the ribbon loop with the closed end of the hook on facing the outside (shoulder side) of the bra (see image 4 of the upper cup attachment). In the last post I went through all the prep work to wholesale halloween costumes create detachable bra straps. In this post, I will take you through the process adding a strap attachment to your Esplanade bra so you can wear straps with your bra – or not! I love options! Since I am using my Esplanade bra pattern for this wholesale christmas costumes tutorial, I will be covering how to add the strap attachment when using cut-and-sew foam bra cups and regular lingerie elastic around the top of the band. Front Strap Attachment To add a strap attachment on the front of the bra, we are going to attach a folded length of grosgrain ribbon (you can also use a lightweight twill tape) into the fabric to foam seam line on the upper edge of the upper cup. First cut two 1¼" lengths of grosgrain ribbon. Fold each length of ribbon in half and with the ribbon centered on the strap placement marking and the raw edges aligned with the top of the upper cup, enclose the ribbon in the fabric to foam seam (Image 1). Now flip the fabric out of the way (Image 2) and sew two rows of straight stitches on top of each other (Image 3) to secure the ribbon to the foam cup. Now you can finish the cups and continue sewing your bra as usual. Back Strap Attachment For the rear ribbon attachment, start by cutting two 2" lengths of ribbon. When it comes time in the construction process to add the upper band elastic, sandwich the folded strip of ribbon between the elastic and the power net, with the raw edges of the ribbon along the upper edge of the bra, (Image 1) and sew the first pass of elastic as usual (Image 2). When you sew the second pass of zigzag stitches on the elastic, keep the ribbon free (Image 3). After the elastic attachment is complete, turn the ribbon to the inside of the bra and sew two rows of straight stitches on top of each other to secure the ribbon to the bottom of the elastic (Image 4). One of the fun things about detachable straps is that you can make multiple straps for the same bra. You can also crisscross the back straps if that works better underneath your clothing. Now you have more styling options for the Esplanade bra!

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