Computer Tek

Need to speed up your computer, think you have a virus, spot the blue screen of death, we can help. Welcome to computer tek, where we give tips to help you out with your computer related problems. Check out the site to see if there is already an answer to your question or solution to your problem. If you can't find the answer send us and email at We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please send details of your problem ex: operating system, error message, what were you doing when you noticed the problem. This will help us figure out the problem as well as a solution faster. The advise and help you get here is always free and we will be updating our knowledge base weekly

Need a technician to come out to your home dont think you can trouble shoot or fix your problem on your own. We have techs available in the tri state area that are knowledgeable and experienced ready to tackle any technical issues you may have with your computer or laptop. The best part of it all are our prices. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the market just send us an email at with a detailed message of your problem we will try to make it as simple as we can for you to be able to fix it if its something like a part needing to be replaced we will tell you what needs to be done along with an estimate and you can decide from there what to do. Only if we have to physically come to you do we ever charge for anything